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Kevin Chambers

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Name:  Kevin Chambers

Address:  33 Ash Grove Blvd

Phone Number:  204-726-1988

Occupation:  Teacher

Why Are You Runnign for City Council?

I am running for council because I believe that I can make a difference. My thirty plus years as an educator in many different communities (Duck Bay, Sioux Valley, CFB Shilo, Kirkcaldy Heights, Earl Oxford and Crocus Plains High School) as well as my community involvement in many different organizations has equipped me with the skill set that would be an asset to City Council. I want to have a chair at the table representing my constituants, propose new ideas and help work as a team with the Mayor and fellow councillors to find the solutions that our city requires to move forward in the years to come. I believe that I can be an effective voice for the residents of Ward #1, and I look forward to having that opportunity come October 26th.