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Jeff Plas


Name:  Jeff Plas

Address: 437 Kirkcaldy Drive

Phone:  204-770-8831

Occupation:  Home and Housing Specialits for Best Buy Homes

Why Are You Running for City Council?

Jeff Fawcett did a lot of good for the North Hill and I wish him luck in the Mayoral race, but a lot still needs to be done to make our community what it should be. I’m proud to be a candidate that actually lives on the North Hill. Because of my experience in home sales and housing, I have detailed plan that addresses the desperate need for affordable housing rentals and affordable new homes for sale in Brandon. I’ll address the growing problem of “career” panhandlers that have been at the Corral Centre for 2-3 years. There have been reports of fist fights at the stoplights, public urination, even defecating in the bushes. And more show up every day.

The North Hill is a community of friends and neighbours. Together we will get from the City what was promised to us and what we deserve. Please see my Facebook page for more detailed information on who I am and some of the North Hill residents’ visions of what we want for our community. You’ll hear a lot of varying opinions from all the candidates but only one matters,

Yours. Jeff Plas -Brandon City Council Candidate Ward 1 North Hill.