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Building Policies & Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

PDF Icon Earth Energy Heating Systems (137 KB)

PDF Icon Heat Recovery Ventilator Balancing (381 KB)

PDF Icon Heating and Ventilation Fee (65 KB)

PDF Icon Hydronic Heating Systems (135 KB)

PDF Icon Occupancy Classification for Small Assembly Occupancies (142 KB)

PDF Icon Pressure Testing of Plumbing Systems (434 KB)

PDF Icon Private Property Building Sewer & Water Service Pipe Installations (141 KB)

PDF Icon Required Plumbing Drawings (436 KB)

PDF Icon Residential Interim Occupancy Certificates (79 KB)


Code Interpretations

PDF Icon Fire Dampers Waived in Horizontal Fire Separations and Ceiling Membranes (610 KB)

PDF Icon Conforming Construction Agreements (554 KB)

PDF Icon Construction of a Building Over a Property Line (533 KB)


Other Policies & Procedures

 Change Notice - Water Meter Sizing (88 KB)

 Change to Sewer & Water Permit Issuance Process (52 KB)

 Energy Code Policy (300 KB)

 Permit Rules and Regulations (36 KB)

 Stop Work Order Procedure (320 KB)