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Planning & Building Safety Department

Development Permits

In an effort to improve service delivery Development Services is establishing a separate Development Permit for large residential and non-residential development.

What this means for you:

  • Currently the development (site) review is combined with the building review. This requires that all plans (site work and building) must be submitted at the same time.
  • Larger residential (two or more units) and non-residential (new construction) will now require separate development permits.
  • A separate development permit allows applicants to receive approval to start construction on a site prior to receiving approval to construct buildings on a site.
  • A separate development permit also speeds up the building review process as all site issues will be addressed under the development permit.
  • Development permits will be required prior to applying for a building permit. So get your site drawings (site plan, servicing plan, grading plan) done first.
  • Fees will be largely unchanged as building permit fees will decrease (no more urban design review fee) to account for the separate development permit fee.
  • All other fees and approvals which apply to a site will fall under the development permit (crossing deposit, lot grading deposit, driveway permit, lot grading permit, etc).
  • Development Permits will be implemented by February 2, 2018, so please provide us any comments or feedback before this date.


For questions or comments contact Chief Planner Ryan Nickel at 204-729-2124 or

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