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Online Permit Applications


Want to make an online application? You've come to the right place. 

Why make an online application?

  • Online applications allow you to decide when it’s time to start the application process whether that be a day of the week, time of the day or phase of the project you get to drive the application process.
  • With an online application, you are able to track the required reviews on your project, see who the Reviewers are, access the Reviewers contact information and see how the application is progressing.
  • Applications made online can be paid online and issued online.
  • Cover letters, deficiencies, receipts, accepted plans, etc. are all viewable online which makes locating your documentation easy and reduces the environmental impact of printing.


Getting Started

  • Permit applications can be made for properties located within the City of Brandon.
  • Anyone can make application once they become a registered user; to become a registered user you must have an active email address.
  • You can have multiple registered users from your business and include all of them on your application as long as each registered user has a unique email address registered within the system.


Application Types

  • Applications can be made for:
    • Development Permits
    • Building Permits: Residential, Non-Residential and Signs
    • Plumbing Permits: Water and Sewer public and private and Interior Fixtures
    • Engineering Permits: Driveway, Crossing, and Excavation
    • Land Use including Conditional Use, Variance, Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendments
  • Currently, applications cannot be made online for the following:
    • Demolition or Relocation
    • Vacant or Boarded Building Permits


Making An Application

  • The key to a successful application is to know what you are applying for. Sounds simple - and it is!
    • Check to see if you need a development permit ahead of your building permit application.
  • Prior to making an online application, the following is recommended:
    • Register as a user in advance
    • Know the technical information specific to your application, such as square footage of structure; required sewer line size and materials; the plumbing permit fixture count and fixture locations.
  • View our checklists to see the required submittal information.



  • One combined set of drawings (or submittals) is counterintuitive to the online application process; therefore, submittals must be broken down and named as per the content of the submittal.
    • An example of how submittals may be broken down includes:
      • Site Plan is one submittal
      • Elevation Plans is another singular or multiple page submittal
      • Floor Plan is another submittal
  • If submittals are received as one combined set of drawings, the application will be returned to the applicant for resubmission of submittals broken down into individual submittals.
  • Submitted documents should be under 50MB in size.
  • Accepted file extension: pdf
  • All plans shall be to scale.
  • Recommended naming conventions:
    • Use file names that are intuitive (ex. Siteplan.pdf).
    • Avoid the use of non-friendly file names (ex. A1.pdf, Joes drawing.pdf).
  • Submitted documents will be stamped as "Reviewed for Construction" at the conclusion of the review. 
    • The stamp will be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the document whenever possible. It is recommended that this area, to the extent possible, be left blank so that no information is lost when the stamp is applied.



 Registered User and Contacts on an Application

  • The registered user will always be the Applicant on an application.
  • The Applicant can add an Agent at the time of application. Adding an Agent is recommended when there are multiple individuals from your business or project who may need access to an application.
  • For permits, a Contractor must be added to the application - this can be the Property Owner, or it can be a Contractor for the contractor list.
  • If your Contractor isn't listed in the contractor list, please contact our office.
  • Additional contacts can be added at any time in the process by contacting our office.


Making an application is only the start of the online services available. Other online services include:

  • Tracking of the application review process.
  • Easy access to Reviewers contact information.
  • Requesting an inspection.
  • Electronic copies of inspection reports.

Apply for a permit at 


Please contact one of our Permit Clerks at 204-729-2110 or at

Development Applications & Forms


Development Permits

Development permits approve the development of a site in accordance with City standards. A development permit only approves the site for development, a building permit is still required prior to constructing any buildings on a site.

A separate development permit is optional for minor developments (e.g. two to four residential units) and is required for major developments (e.g. five or more residential units).

PDF Icon Development Permit Application Form (424 KB)

PDF Icon Development Permit for Major Developments (169 KB)

PDF Icon Development Permit for Minor Developments (161 KB)

 Home Based Business License Application

 PDF Icon Application Form (605 KB)

To operate a business out of your residence, you need to first obtain two approvals:

  1. The first is a development permit. A development permit, issued by the Planning & Buildings Department, allows business activities to be conducted from a residential property under the Zoning By-law.
  2. The second is a business license. A business license, issued by the Licensing Department, legally allows you to operate a business.

If you are establishing a new business in your residence, or you are changing the parameters of your existing business (e.g. change of address, changing the number of clients on your residential property), you must complete the Home-Based Business Application Form. The application form must be submitted to the Planning & Buildings Department at the A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex, 638 Princess Avenue. The license must be renewed annually through the Licensing Department at City Hall (410 - 9th Street, main floor).

Lawful Non-Conformity Application

PDF Icon Application Form (507 KB)

The purpose of a Certificate of Legal Non-Conformity is to confirm that the building, parcel, use of the land, or intensity of the use was lawfully in existence before the enactment of the City of Brandon Zoning By-law. This certificate is conclusive evidence even if the use of land does not comply with the current Zoning By-law.

 Temporary Signs

PDF Icon Application Form (115 KB)

All temporary signs on private property must comply and be placed in accordance with the PDF Icon Temporary Sign By-law (248 KB). Some types of temporary signs require permits.

A temporary sign permit is required for:

  • Development signs, unless the site is under construction
  • Mobile signs
  • Vehicle and trailer signs


A temporary sign permit is not required for signs regarding and for use at community or charitable events. These types of signs can be displayed for a maximum of 21 days.

Temporary signs which do not require a permit still have restrictions such as where they can be placed on a property. Please refer to the by-law prior to erecting a temporary sign.

To apply for a temporary sign permit please fill out the above application form.

Zoning Memorandum Request

PDF Icon Zoning Memorandum Request Form (482 KB)

A Zoning Memorandum is a written letter that identifies whether or not all buildings and structures identified on a survey on the property in question conform to the siting requirements in the City of Brandon Zoning By-law, and if applicable, reasons for non-conformance. Turnaround time is generally wtihin ten (10) business days.

Zoning Confirmation Request

PDF Icon Zoning Confirmation Request Form (467 KB)

The purpose of a Zoning Confirmation is to verify, in writing, the land use designation as per the Development Plan, zoning as per the City of Brandon Zoning By-law, and any Secondary Plan designations, if applicable, on a specific site. Zoning Confirmations are typically used by financial institutions during due diligence processes, but can be requested by anyone at any time. Turnaround time is generally within ten (10) business days.

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