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Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s Emergency Response Control Group continues to respond to rising Assiniboine River levels this week after a change in the timing of the river’s crest.

Brandon experienced an inflow of water from the Shellmouth Reservoir on Saturday, resulting in water inundating the soccer pitches along First Street North. The area remains under water and is closed to public access, as are all recreational areas along the Assiniboine River corridor.

Members of the Emergency Response Control Group attended to the dike system over the weekend after receiving data suggesting a dramatic increase in waters levels at First Street, but found nothing of that nature occurring. The City’s electronic gauge and infrastructure have been inspected this morning to ensure accuracy.

Water levels, measured at First Street, continue to sit in the range of 1,174.5 feet to 1,174.75 feet today, though precipitation is forecast in the coming days and could impact levels. Officials continue to anticipate a peak level of 1,175.9 feet above sea level; however, the arrival of the crest might not be seen until later in the week (anywhere from May 6th to May 8th).

The Emergency Response Control Group’s s current response plan takes into account a safety margin of two feet above predicted peak levels. Several pumps have been placed at key areas along the dike system and will be activated as needed. Work is planned along the City’s dike system to block affected outflows, including one at Knowlton Drive.

A response plan is also in place to close Provincial Road 459 (Grand Valley Road) should water begin overtopping the roadway.

The Brandon Emergency Response Control Group is constantly monitoring river levels and the Provincial flood forecast and is prepared to respond to any developing threats.

*Note: All river level measurements and discussion of river levels in Brandon are referenced to First Street. Measurements are taken each morning by Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation.*

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