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Enhanced 911

Dispatch Services Overview


Call takers and dispatchers are a vital link in emergency response. They coordinate all communications between 911 callers and police officers, firefighters, and paramedics to ensure a safe, swift and appropriate response.

A call taker speaks with the person who has dialed 911 and a dispatcher speaks with the emergency personnel in the field. In some cases, the dispatcher will speak to the caller as well. The call taker and dispatcher work together, using computer and radio systems to share information instantly and seamlessly.

E911 provides emergency dispatch services for 6 police agencies (including Brandon Police Service) and 190 fire departments throughout Manitoba.

How it works

When a caller dials 911, the E911 call taker asks, “911, What is your emergency?” The E911 call taker is trained to ask a few brief questions to help determine which agency is required. E911’s job is to connect the caller as quickly as possible to the appropriate agency. The E911 call taker will remain on the line with the caller until the agency answers.

In some cases, 911 calls are transferred to police agencies and fire departments that are located within E911. In other cases, including all calls for ambulance, the calls are transferred to agencies outside of E911 that provide their own dispatch service.

E911 call takers and dispatchers use computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems to automatically transmit call details to the dispatcher. CAD systems allow the 911 call-taker to be on the line with the caller while a dispatcher is mobilizing units to help.  This allows continual gathering of more information about the situation while not delaying response by emergency crews.



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