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Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon would like to remind residents that changes to the Solid Waste Collection and Disposal By-law, approved by Brandon City Council, came into effect on Oct.1st, 2012.

Among the changes that came into effect on Oct.1st was switching from a five-day collection cycle to a four-day collection cycle, occurring on Tuesday through Friday of each week. That means residents began seeing their refuse and recycling picked up on the same day of the week, every week. The change also provided for two extra collection days each year.

“The huge advantage to going to a four-day collection cycle was the fact that a resident’s pick-up day will only be minimally affected by long weekends and Civic holidays,” says City of Brandon Director of Public Works Ian Broome. “A four-day cycle is also advantageous to the City of Brandon because it means that Monday will now be a consistent maintenance day for our sanitation trucks.”

A full-color map of the four-day refuse and recycling collection schedule can be viewed at

The City of Brandon will also requires residents with back lane refuse and recycling pick-up to store the bins assigned to them on their property on non- collection days. Residents will be required to place their bin in the back laneway no more than 12 hours prior to collection day and must return the bins to their property no more than 24 hours of being emptied on collection day.

“This is already a current requirement of residence with front-lane pick-up and we felt that we needed to make it a requirement for back lane pick-up as well,” Broome said. “When carts are left in the laneway, empty or half-empty carts are often tipped by our Sanitation Department when they don’t need to be. They are often contaminated by those who don’t know about or don’t follow the proper refuse and recycling disposal guidelines, and they can also fall victim to vandalism or damage.”

“It cost the City approximately $75,000 each year to deal with all these issues, so we felt we needed to make this change to ensure a more efficient collection system that minimizes the unnecessary emptying of back lane carts, reduces back lane congestion and provide a greater aesthetic appeal for the City,” he said.

Non-compliance relating to the removal of bins from back lanes on non-collection days will result in residents first being warned and then potentially fined, as per the City of Brandon’s Fee Schedule.

Broome notes that the City of Brandon offers a set-out, set-back service, free of charge, to individuals who can supply an appropriate medical note indicating there is no able-bodied person at their residence to perform such a task.

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